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Here at Lucky Industries we believe our job is more than just garment
manufacturing. Our job is more than just tailoring
We believe it is an art.
Design. Seam. Art.
With every stitch, sketch and seam, we strive for excellence. 
With each product, we design and seam. 
We seek to make a masterpiece 
Our artisans specialize in manufacturing woven garments for kids and adults, especially in heavy-washed garments.
Our artisans have honed this simple perspective the years,
Designing And Seaming Masterpieces

Our humble

Established in 1960 with just one production facility, Lucky Industries is a family based endeavour with a legacy of unprecedented quality and dedication to what we do. In our many years in the field of tailoring, not only have we perfected it from a trade to an art; we have also worked with a wide range of clients of various calibers all over the world. This has given us valuable experience and insight into how the industry functions as a whole and also how to cater to the client based on their best interests.

Consistency in quality utilizing the best of technology and talent, that is a promise we have always delivered on to our clientele.

We currently operate out of five production units, all of them located in Sri Lanka.

OUR VISION : A Legacy of Excellence in Apparels for Generations to come

OUR MISSION : Designing and Seaming Masterpieces

Our Outfit

Combining decades of experience and the creme-de-la-creme of craftsmanship and talent, we will accompany you in your journey of transforming your dreams from paper to garment.


Lucky Industries offers a wide range of services, varying from manufacturing garments for kids and adults which are 100% cotton (light and heavy-weight) and to a vast variety of materials.


Employing over 2500 talented individuals in five production units throughout the island, Lucky Industries is capable of producing 300,000 units per month in optimal conditions.


Our expertise in the area of fashion garment manufacturing is rooted in the standards we aspire to achieve and maintain. Evidence of such is in the clientele we have serviced and the compliance standards that we have met to maintain long-standing relationships.

Meet The Visionaries

Our creative process combines the insights and inputs, perspectives and perceptions of a team of artisans behind the seams- er, scenes. Lucky Industries has a legacy for crafting masterpieces with consistent quality, a legacy that's built on decades of hard work and dedication to a craft that we consider holistic.
Dr. A.A.M. Haroon
Chairman / Partner
Mr. A.A.M. Illiyas
Director / Partner
Mr. A.A.M. Yousuf
Director / Partner
Mr. Siddique Illiyas
Mr. Yakub Yousuf

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