Our Outfit

A Stitch in Time

Minimal production lead times on our end means good news on yours. Not only does this open up the ability for you to offer product to your market based on demand, you also get to cater to the market sourcing the highest qualities of fabric. Raw material sourcing also means availability of seasonal marketing intelligence. All of this utilized strategically will help you win your market.

It begins with exploring the current market variables and extensive trend-spotting, after which we take our ideas to the studio in order to breathe life into them. The final design pack from our end is based on the buyer and the market and is specific to the client.

Should you choose to do your own design, all you have to do is hand in your design pack to us and we get back to you immediately with all the relevant numbers and figures.


Lucky Industries has partnering mills across India, China and Pakistan. All of these, including our trim suppliers, utilize the latest technologies and comply by the highest quality standards in bringing you the latest trends, which includes but is not limited to quality standards to comply with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We are involved with BCI, also known as the Better Cotton Initiative. Another way in which we ensure a stronghold on ethical marketing.


One thing that we ensure our clientele over and over on is our quick production turnaround times. We accomplish these without compromise, as not only do we comply with labor laws in place, we are also a BOI (Board of Investment) approved entity.

Up to date standards and rigid inspection processes allow us to give a final product which complies or exceeds an AQL of 1.5. Of course, we are technically and ethically approved to service our diverse client base.


At Lucky Industries we are flexible on all levels to meet the needs of our clients, be it adjusting production lines to meet demand or turnaround times.

We achieve this with the help of our flexible craftsmen and a hurdle free chain of command. Gone are the days where you would have to sit in for meeting after meeting to finalize a decision, decisions can be finalized without allocating too much time to the sidelines’ after ‘with our willingness to go above and beyond.

Production Plants


At Lucky Industries, we stay ahead of the game by combining talent and technology coupled with world-class standards. We strive to maintain a healthy balance between creativity and compliance which in turn has won us certifications and recognition allowing us to collaborate with the best of the best in the industry.

SMETA::Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits
CTPAT::U.S.Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

The Future

We are working on a pilot project that will have a direct impact on productivity utilizing the latest machinery of the trade. Coupled with a target of reducing manufacturing costs while improving the quality of the end-product, we have the utmost confidence that we are headed in the right direction, so does our existing client-base.

Considering all of the potential and the perseverance that drives us, an old adage comes to mind when contemplating the future of Lucky Industries; The sky is the limit.

Product Showcase

We work with a wide variety of materials and designs, don't take our word for what Lucky is capable of, let the product do the talking.