How long does it take for you to revert with the product once you receive the order?

It depends on the current status. If fabric and accessories are available we can manufacture within 25 days depending on quantity and capacity available. But usually this isn’t the case.

Our usual lead time from the day or order to delivery is 90 to 120 days. This includes ordering fabric and accessories.

However, if fabric Geiger is booked and needs Immediate repeat we can go up to 65 to 75 days lead time.

In fact in Sri Lanka we are known to have one of the shortest lead times as a supplier for open to buy orders. So that buyers could place orders depending on real time market changes.

We have designs planned out and we want you to manufacture the garments, what do we do?

Just call us or email the design pack of the style with all required details (fabric, accessories, measurements details). We will make a sample soon as possible and send it for approval.

> Can you handle special garments/special designs?

We can handle any woven garments. Denim and non-denim both.

Regular dyed fabric, garment dyed, pigment dyed, any special wet processed garments as we are closely linked with laundries handling these processes. Fashion garments with embroidery and other embellishments also can be catered.

Can you give me a quote if I show you a design?

But, if design brief sheet is given (fabric, accessories, measurements details ) we can quote immediately.

Can Lucky Industries provide the raw material ?

Yes we do FOB orders. Where we order and finance all the raw materials.

We are closely linked with all the raw material suppliers.

Partnered fabric mills are located in Pakistan, India and China.

Can I visit your office / manufacturing plants?

Yes, our buyers can visit anytime.

What are the fabrics/materials that you manufacture with?

We specialize in Heavy Washed Garments. Fabrics like Twill, Plain Weave (Poplin), Denim, Linen, Yarn Dyed, Corduroy – all in 100% Cotton (light and heavy weight), cotton stretch, cotton super stretch, cotton Polyester blend, cotton viscose blend, cotton linen blend etc.

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